ViSalus Review – ViSalus Business Opportunity

ViSalus Business Opportunity Review

If you have ever wondered about how to lose weight or even one of best at home businesses then you may have heard of ViSalus. ViSalus Business Opportunity is one that offers you the chance to work at home and make some extra cash all while helping people lose weight.

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visalus-90-day-challengeThere are numerous meal replacements out there in the market, with some only making money for their developer and adding nothing to their consumer. Therefore, it is important for you to get an unbiased review of each product before spending your hard earned money on something that will not provide you with what it claims to offer.

This is an unbiased Visalus product review that will help you make proper decisions when it comes to buying meal supplements to improve your health.

Visalus Weight Loss Kits

The products are developed by a health and nutrition company that was started by two businessmen under the trade name Visalus. All products the company manufactures are based on three vital aspects of the overall body health as they focus on prosperity, life and health.

Visalus products are sold in kits with each kit having its own function ranging from neuro support to weight loss. To help you choose the best from the kits available under visalus products this article will review each kit showing the benefits of each. There are four different kits which are clearly labeled. They include balance kit, transformation kit, shape kit and core kit.

Visalus Balance Kit

A balance kit is recommended for people who are having problems with their nutrition and digestion. According to various Visalus product reviews that have being written by experts in the field of food science, product formulation and nutrition, there is clear evidence that individuals who use the balance kit will experience improved digestion and nutrition. Therefore, this product comes in handy if you want to maintain your current weight and improve you daily nutrition.

Visalus Transformation kit

For those individual whose goal is to loss weight and have increased muscles at a faster rate then the transformation kit is the solution. Apart form helping in weight loss and increased muscles, it also improves nutrition and energy levels in the body. The transformation kit works by suppressing, increasing body metabolism, nutrition and energy levels which are the core factors responsible for weight loss and increased muscles.

Visalus Shape kit

Similar to transformation kit as it helps in weight loss, increased lean muscles and improved nutrition but in a healthy and safer way. Therefore, this product is suitable for people who are not in a hurry to loss weight or athletes. The kit aids athlete in improved performance due to improved muscles and peak energy levels.

Visalus Core kit

The core kit from visalus is the best among the other kits as it has an anti-aging formula. This can be called a 5 in 1 product. The kit guarantees you improved energy, increased muscles, well-maintained weight and improved nutrition. Therefore, if you are an athlete this is the best kit for you. Also included in the kit is Vi-Pak, which is a supplement comprising of multivitamins, mineral, anti aging and omega fatty acid for improved brain functionality.

Visalus Weight Loss Products Conclusion

Other products include nutra cookies, which are supposed to be taken between successive shakes. Additionally, the V-Slim is also a good product for people who want to shed off some extra pounds.

Pros: The Visalus shakes come in different flavors making them very tasty and offer a variety to choose from. The flavors include banana, chocolate, orange, peach and strawberry. Highly rich in dietary fibers and protein Guaranteed results Easy to use.

Con: Some of its kits are rather expensive.


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Visalus products and Opportunity Review

visalus-logoVisalus is a reliable network-marketing firm that is dedicated to selling healthiness and fitness products. The company was created in 2005 by the combined efforts of Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen and is based in Troy, Michigan. The occupational name is a derivative of "Vi" meaning the basis for Life, and "Salus", which represents good health and Success. The main guiding principles of the company are life, success and body health. Visalus perceives life, success, and health as its guiding values and philosophies. The company offers numerous visalus products and opportunity for every individual.

Visalus has an assortment of products to assist in optimizing your health and well being. Examples of the products are energy drinks like The Visalus Neuro, weight loss products like the Visalus Vi Shape Shakes and the Anti-Aging Visalus Vipak. Furthermore, the company offers the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge, which is a package that assists clients to transform their bodies. Their four major products are: balance kit, shape kit, core kit and transformation kit.

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes can be used as meal replacement hence assisting you to achieve your fitness objectives. The shakes tend to give energy and control hunger thus, keeping you physically fit. You will have to take about two shakes daily. They have a good taste and come in varied flavors such as banana, orange, peach, chocolate and strawberry.

Visalus Sciences Shakes & Products

visalus_product_vishapeThe Vi-Pak is created to provide the body with vital nutrients that lack in typical western diets. It is a combination of chelated multi-mineral and vitamin formula and Omega Vitals. The vitamin formula has a boosted antioxidant, which has patent energy and anti-aging complex, giving you a comprehensive health support scheme. The Nutra cookies are meant for slimming purposes because they act as a fat burner. The cookies can be consumed between shakes.

Apart from the products, Visalus offers great opportunities to its customers and representatives. You can only begin to enjoy these benefits if you join the firm as a distributor. The company offers four basic options for those joining the firm. These opportunities can be categorized into: Basic Distributor, Executive Success System (ESS) alternative and the ESS plus samples option.

Visalus Sciences Compensation Plan

The Basic Distributor alternative costs $49 inclusive of fees of the product kit. The minimum price of becoming a distributor is $98. Executive Success System (ESS) opportunity costs $499. The products are provided with this option, therefore, you do not need to procure an extra product. The kit plus samples costs $999. You receive everything including extra samples to give out.

visalus_bimmerIn order to earn income through the Visalus compensation strategy, you need to be an active distributor. This can be achieved by having an auto ship of at least $125 every month (Personal Qualification Volume), or have monthly retail sales of $200.

This compensation strategy is unilevel via compression. Therefore, when you sponsor many people your business expands. This translates to a higher earning. This company offers you several Visalus products and opportunity to earn a decent income through eight ways. These are the Visalus compensation plan, direct Sales and individual commissions, first order bonus, Fast Start Bonus, , leadership depth bonus, BMW bonus, leadership pool, ambassador star bonus and the rising star weekly enroller's pool.

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visalus_logoIf you are considering the Visalus sciences, body by vi challenge business opportunity you will be glad to read this review today. Feel confident that this is an independent 3rd party critique and unlike most reviews I will not be asking you to join Visalus sciences.

You are smart to perform due diligence before joining any network advertising or multilevel marketing business.

What is Visalus Science all about?

In 2012 Visalus is all about The Body By Vi body challenge, which is a great solution get in shape and stay fit. If you haven’t yet, once you start the challenge you will see the huge correlation of a healthy body and financial freedom.

Visalus as a company is committed to bring all its members and distributors with quality products created to help you see results. If you are searching for the perfect motivation to lose weight, Visalus can be a great solution for you.

If on the other hand you don’t have any problems with weight but you want a more define figure you can start the challenge and share with your people the results.

An excellent indicator in the strength of any MLM firm is their online ranking against leading multilevel marketing performers for their last six months on business. Visalus earns the ten spot as reported December 2011 by mlmrankings.

Visalus pay out plan was designed as a uni-level compensation strategy. After joining you will qualified to ear bonuses and incentives such as upfront and residual incomes as well as a luxury cars and much more.

Does Visalus offer a replicable marketing strategy?

By now we all know that replication is the key to making money with any MLM or network marketing opportunity.

The body by Vi challenge is the heart and soul of the Visalus marketing campaign. Once you join the challenge you are in for a roller coaster of events.

Not only will this challenge help you improve the way you look and get to your desire weight but you can also share with others and invite them to join the challenge. Your results count as a genuine testimonial and the more you get involve the more people will be interested on the business side of the opportunity.

How To get Started With Visalus Body By by Vi Challenge?

  • Join the challenge yourself
  • Lose weight
  • Let others notice a difference in you
  • They ask what you are doing... then you have an opportunity to discuss your business

The strength in the Visalus sciences program is in their products. The results are reflected on the amount of sales the company makes. Sales revenues grew to $234 million in 2012 so far.

So if you are searching for a reliable company that is popular, on momentum and with some of the best-proven products in the industry, Visalus is a winner!

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Does The ViSalus Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Work?

ViSalus Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Shakes and Other ViSalus Weight Loss Products

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